Oct 11

Intermountain Kids’ 2022 Advent Candle Lighting liturgy

Looking for a kid-friendly way to connect your families to the mission of Intermountain during this coming Advent season? These FREE materials from the children in our Residential program (www.intermountainresidential.org/) are a wonderful way to draw awareness and feel united to the celebrations happening on campus under the guidance of Rev. Sami Pack-Toner, chaplain.

She worked with the children to design the PowerPoint ready slides and images, and the children did a wonderful job of coloring the candles for the presentation. If you decide to take an Advent offering for Intermountain and are going to use these slides, would you let us know? It is always wonderful to hear back from our ministry partners and to feel that connection to your wonderful work and ministries, as well.

Sami can be reached at samit -at- intermountain.org and Chris can be reached at chrish -at- intermountain.org

Here are the materials: