Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 31

Thanks to Plymouth UCC for a great fundraising book sale!

With retirement on the horizon, Pastors Dick Weaver and Cathy Barker of Plymouth UCC in Helena needed to cull books from their personal library.  Other members at Plymouth UCC nodded sympathetically and the idea was forged to have a used book sale!  The proceeds were designated for Plymouth and Intermountain.  The date was set well in advance so people …

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Mar 22

Spring is here… or is it?

Did you know that the official start of spring on the calendar was March 20th? We are officially past winter and into spring. Isn’t it great? I imagine you are shaking your head back and forth in disagreement. Perhaps it doesn’t feel like spring just yet? A Montana spring teases and taunts us, daring us …

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Mar 17

Be Happy! It’s Adar! Learning about Purim

Purim, a 3000 plus year old Jewish holiday, takes place during the Jewish month of Adar (theme for the month: Be Happy!  It’s Adar!).  It commemorates Jewish survival over a foe in the ancient Persian Empire, who desired to destroy all of Jewish culture, religion and peoplehood.  Fortunately, the day was saved by the brave, …

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Mar 06

Ministering to the shame-based child

Shame is a sense of being totally unlovable… worthless. While guilt is a feeling we have when we feel bad about what we have done, shame is when we feel bad about who we are. Shame can be the result of deep hurt, abandonment, abuse, neglect or ridicule. When these traumatizing factors occur early in …

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