Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 25

Faith—Overcoming by the Word of her Testimony

“By the blood of the Lamb and the word of their witness, they have become victorious…” –Revelation 12:11a (The VOICE translation) Faith* came to me a few months ago and explained that while she didn’t mind coming to chapel every once and a while, what she really wanted was something that would challenge her and …

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Mar 20

“Need a drink?” a Change for Children object lesson based on John 4:5-42

Objects needed: A box of saltine crackers, a bottle of water (or several bottles… as you might want to give each child a bottle) Key Text: John 4:5-42 Theme/Main Idea: Jesus meets the needs of our thirsty souls. Presentation: “Good morning! How are you this morning? Are you filling up your change cans at home …

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Mar 07

More reflections on Troubled Minds, a GREAT book by Amy Simpson

About a month ago I introduced you to a resource I believe every church leader should read. It is Amy Simpson’s book Troubled Minds ( ). The book chronicles not only her own journey of faith and her church’s reaction to mental illness in her immediate family, but also gives fascinating insight into the mindset …

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Mar 05

“Tests and Timing” an Object Lesson on Temptation

Objects needed: Two bags of marshmallows, one open so you can hand each child a single marshmallow, and the other closed. Theme/Main Idea: The temptations that Satan confronted Jesus with had more to do with timing than anything else. Jesus trusted God the Father to give him what he needed and what was his at …

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