Mar 25

Faith—Overcoming by the Word of her Testimony

“By the blood of the Lamb
and the word of their witness,
they have become victorious…” –Revelation 12:11a (The VOICE translation)

Faith* came to me a few months ago and explained that while she didn’t mind coming to chapel every once and a while, what she really wanted was something that would challenge her and cause her to grow a little deeper in her faith. After strategizing with her teacher and staff that knew her well, I suggested that she start “reading buddies” with a committed believer on staff and suggested a number of novellas that featured strong women who had overcome difficulties in their lives with the help of God.

Months in, this strategy seemed to really be working. While Faith still occasionally joined us for chapel services, she really got a lot out of her time reading with her “reading buddy.” She started to go to church with her and was a great help in the adult Sunday school class she attended, serving often as a sort of teacher’s assistant—passing out handouts and that sort of thing.

Recently, the class she was attending with her “reading buddy” had an assignment that asked you to write out and deliver your testimony in three minutes or less. Faith jumped at the opportunity as if she had been eagerly awaiting this chance to talk about the change that Jesus had brought in her life. In the picture that accompanies this article, Faith is bravely reading her testimony to the class. Here are the words Faith shared:

“Before I met Jesus, my life was falling apart. My home was not a very safe place. My brothers were involved with drugs and my mom’s husband was abusive. My mom was too scared to protect (me not only) from harm in life but also in our home. When I was about nine years old I was removed from my family forever. Not just removed, but I left with my family’s troubles. I was then put in foster care, but the people who were supposed to take care of me were not very nice. I was very scared, super lonely, and so sad and I just felt hopeless. I cried so much.

Then all of a sudden God came to me in a very special moment. He turned my heart and comforted me. And it was at that time that I gave my life to God so that he could lead me to a much better path in my life. Now, when I am hurting and don’t quite know where to go or who to turn to in my life, I know that God is waiting to listen to my pain and troubles, and understands.”

I affirmed Faith’s bravery for sharing her testimony in chapel as well as before the adult Sunday school class. I told her that the more she shares her story of the hope that Jesus has brought her, the more she will have a lasting victory over the troubles or her past and the loneliness that she felt. She was able to hear not only the encouragement we wanted to give her, but the challenge to keep telling her story… she is overcoming the pain of her past with the power Jesus has given her and the word of her testimony!

*Faith is not this young lady’s real name, rather it is her chosen pseudonym… I like her choice! Chris <><