Feb 12

Turning the Spotlight on to one of our wonderful volunteers: Rachael DeMarce

Rachael DeMarce is a Gates Millennial Scholar, was invited to President Obama’s second inauguration, has served as a fellow at the Indian Law Center, and will complete her undergraduate work at Carroll College in May. We are very fortunate to have her working with our residential program and attending to the cultural needs of our children with a Native American heritage. She has been serving as a cultural heritage mentor since September of 2012 when Chaplain Chris Haughee recruited her. We caught up with Rachael recently to do a quick interview.

Q: How did you first get involved volunteering with Intermountain?

A: I was contacted by Chaplain Chris Haughee, who was very warm and welcoming.  I was humbled that he thought I would be a good mentor.

Q: Chaplain Chris recruited you specifically to help work with and attend to the cultural needs of the Blackfeet children in Intermountain’s care. How do you see your involvement with them addressing the children’s cultural needs?

A: I want the children to be proud of where they come from and know that being Blackfeet is part of their strength. My main goal is for the children to understand that it is crucial that they attend college and to see someone with whom they can relate too.

Q: You have mentioned that coming to Intermountain is the “highlight of your week!” What aspect of your volunteer experience here has made it so rewarding?

A: I always look forward to seeing the children because they are genuinely happy and excited to see me. I am tackled in hugs nearly every Friday when I walk through the door. They remind me of the difference that one person can make in your life. I am fortunate to have the four children I specifically mentor, plus many more at Intermountain that change my perceptive on life each time I come to visit. Over this past school year, I have grown to appreciate the little things more because of volunteering at Intermountain.

Q: Anything else you care to share?

A:  As a result of volunteering at Intermountain I plan to adopt in the future.