Feb 26

Four Free Children’s Sermons!

Who doesn’t like free stuff? One of the easiest ways to get me to open an envelope or package is for the sender to promise something “FREE” on the outside. Well, perhaps some of you reading this received Intermountain’s “Change for Children” mailer that came out mid-February. There wasn’t time to get the freebie in that mailer… so, now EVERYONE benefits for the resources being posted online here. If you go to our Resource page and look under Children’s sermons and object lessons, you will find a link that will open up four free lessons.

My hope is that you will find this resource helpful for you as you interpret the “Change for Children” campaign to the young people of your church. While written primarily for a Children’s Sermon format, these object lessons could be used in a Sunday School setting, youth group, or even as sermon illustrations!

Over fifteen years of children’s and youth ministry, I have found the object lesson during children’s sermon time to be a significant way of conveying the truth of God’s Word. Jesus taught in object lessons and word pictures, too, so it should be no surprise to us that this method is highly effective—surely Jesus knew what he was doing and set an example for us to follow!

These lessons have been carefully crafted around themes of change, the impact of the gospel in our hearts and lives, and the ways in which your church can connect to the ministry of Intermountain. I hope this resource blesses you, saves you time in preparation, and makes your workload a little lighter. I hope our partnership in the years ahead will truly be a partnership of mutual benefit. As Intermountain’s chaplain, I want to be a resource to you and an encouragement in your work with children and families.

That’s what this website is all about. Not only will we have regular posts about what we’ve been up to in ministry with the children and families here on campus, we also commit to building an ever expanding library of resources free for your use. There will be lessons like those I wrote for “Change for Children,” as well as game ideas, youth ministry talks, sermons and sermon outlines, bulletin and newsletter “filler,” and worship resources like sample calls to worship and pastoral prayers. I’ll be updating the content every other week, so I’d encourage you to check back regularly. Any feedback or requests for specific types of resources or content are also welcome any time.

So, enjoy these four lessons for now, and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you and build a stronger relationship between my chaplain’s ministry at Intermountain and the good work you are do in your church and community.