Oct 04

It’s Here! “Our Watchful Waiting” Advent Curriculum 2021

“Our Watchful Waiting” is Intermountain Ministry’s first comprehensive Advent curriculum that will connect your children to the lectionary readings that are part of the traditional Advent observance, as well as suggestions for how you can get the whole church in on the fun!

Watch the video for a special invitation from Chaplain Sami Pack-Toner!

You can read a little about the materials below, or jump right in and download your free materials HERE:

Here’s an overview of the curriculum, explaining what you will find prepared for each of the four weeks of Advent and Christmas Eve:

The worship/liturgical element is mentioned first, before the lesson, but mainly for reference as to what could be done to tie worship and education together for the children.[1] If you want to simply make these a part of your classroom or children’s education department, that is also an option! The idea is to suggest something fun that will help set the mood and engage young people’s imaginations.

The object lesson leads each week, letting you know the object you need to gather and a suggested script for presenting the lesson to the children. This lesson time concludes with prayer.

Next is a game or activity which builds on the theme introduced in the object lesson.

Next comes a song… an Advent standard, “Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus.” One verse is introduced each week, both the original words as well as some more kid-friendly and lectionary-themed words Chris wrote. If you are using the Candle Lighting Liturgy, you’ll find another point of connection here for the children and their families!

After the song, a snack… also connected to the day’s theme and with suggestions for continuing the conversation on the lesson through this relaxed time together.

Finally, a craft… again, related to the theme for that Sunday and not too complicated or involved so getting supplies won’t break the budget!

There is a tie-in to Intermountain’s Change for Children program, which involves getting collection cans to send home with the children to gather loose change throughout the season. We hope you will consider participating and sharing the mission of Intermountain with your children and families this Advent. It is a great way to reinforce the values of charity and compassion during a season where the world will be encouraging your children to be thinking primarily about themselves and what they want for Christmas. We have cans and prayer cards, as well as a “Coordinator’s Instruction Sheet,” should you choose to bless the children of Intermountain by participating in Change for Children. Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to send it out to you!

With our sincere appreciation,

The Development Team at Intermountain

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[1] Also available from Intermountain are Candle Lighting Liturgies for Advent that further make this connection between the children’s experience and worship, and if you want those, just click this link: