Jun 25

Work and Play Day with Counselors from FLBC!


Jonah, Sam, Ian, Nicki, and Kelly–five awesome counselors from Flathead Lake Bible Camp–came for a special visit to campus on June 14th. They were in town serving St. John’s Lutheran Church by running their Vacation Bible School, and decided that after a full day of fun with the children of St. John’s, they’d like to come up and see what Intermountain’s Residential program is all about!

explaining the game, "Grizzly-Trout-Mosquito"

explaining the game, “Grizzly-Trout-Mosquito”

The weather was a little iffy, so were gathered for games in the multi-purpose room to start out. We learned two new circle games: “Have you seen my cat?” and “Grizzly-Trout-Mosquito!” The children had a lot of fun, and Chaplain Chris added to his repertoire of games too! From there, children were excused to their cottages while Chaplain Chris gave our visitors a brief history of Intermountain, what our approach to residential treatment is, and how the chaplain’s program fits in. Jonah, Sam, Ian, Nicki, and Kelly were all very impressed by the dedication of our staff and the mission of Intermountain. As members of the ELCA, they were proud to hear that they were already a part of our newest supporting denomination!

After the quick orientation and discussion with Chaplain Chris, they split up to hang out with Bridger and Beta cottages for the evening and ate dinner with staff and kids. The menu for the evening was meatball subs, which went over–or should we say ‘down?’–well! The kids enjoyed a chance to entertain guests and share a little about themselves. The direct care staff also answered questions and helped our guests understand just

Huddling up to explain a game

Huddling up to explain a game

how the treatment model gets “fleshed out” in day-to-day living in the cottage and school.

Finally, as if that weren’t already enough, our friends from FLBC also helped sort some donations and do a quick inventory of clothing and shoes in our donations room with Gabi, our Donations Coordinator. By the time their visit ended, Jonah, Sam, Nicki and Kelly all had smiles on their faces and gratitude in their hearts for the opportunity to see first hand what all the hard work in Intermountain’s mission and ministry results in–hope and healing for children and their families. Who knows, just maybe after all their college studies we’ll see a few of them back in Montana, working for Intermountain?

After the games and dinner, these hearty counselors worked in the donations room!

After the games and dinner, these hearty counselors worked in the donations room!