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May 03

What is the ACE study and does it matter in your ministry?

What is the ACE study and why does it matter in ministry? As to what the ACE Study is, I will let the video do the talking, for the most part. ACEs are “Adverse Childhood Experiences.” Adversity in childhood is much more common than we might care to recognize at first, and it crosses social …

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Apr 27

A story from chapel: from walls that protect us to walls that keep us imprisoned

Recently, we did an object lesson called “the Wall” in chapel. We talked about how bad things happen in this world despite having a loving God that looks over us. We make bad choices at times that hurt us, and others make bad choices at times that hurt us. In general, there is a lot …

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Sep 17

Teaching Tips for faith formation classrooms for children of varied abilities and special needs

When teaching children of different abilities the most important thing to remember is that “one size DOES NOT fit all” with education. It is OK to make accommodations from a provided program to keep differently abled children engaged and included. The following are suggestions on how to structure a classroom sensitive to children with varying …

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Dec 08

Revisiting Reflections from Addie

I originally introduced you all to Addie back in September of 2013. Since that time a lot has transpired. Addie’s life back at home has had its ups and downs, and she could continue to use your prayers. Here at Intermountain, I have grown in my understanding of what it takes to minister effectively to …

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Oct 24

Praying for a Family

At any particular time, we have a number of children at Intermountain in residential care that are looking for a family. They are categorized as “hard to place” because of their age, their difficulty in previous foster homes, and their history of emotional disturbance that causes acting out in unsafe ways. Each of these children …

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Jul 14

“Containing” Carrie

One of the issues for children who have experienced abuse or neglect is an inability to process their interior emotional world in a healthy way. Regularly, this inner turmoil results in unsafe behaviors—including self-harm and physical aggression towards those with whom they truly desire to experience deep connection. Until those out of control emotions are …

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Mar 07

More reflections on Troubled Minds, a GREAT book by Amy Simpson

About a month ago I introduced you to a resource I believe every church leader should read. It is Amy Simpson’s book Troubled Minds (http://www.amazon.com/Troubled-Minds-Illness-Churchs-Mission/dp/0830843043 ). The book chronicles not only her own journey of faith and her church’s reaction to mental illness in her immediate family, but also gives fascinating insight into the mindset …

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