Nov 18

Operation Christmas Child 2016: Learning Empathy, Giving to Others

Recently we participated in Operation Christmas Child with the help of staff members who helped donate items for the annual event. The children had the opportunity to put together gift boxes for children in various places around the world. We spoke about how this gift might be the first gift some of these children would receive and how we can learn to be grateful with what we have been given, even if we know our lives are far from perfect.

Children took the opportunity to write letters to the children that would be receiving their gift, taking the time to pray for them as they did so. They were reminded that some of the children in Intermountain’s care have very similar stories to the children that would be receiving their gifts. Another great connection made by the children was one between our Fall series on the Lord’s Prayer and the work of Samaritan’s Purse. While reflecting on the line in the prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread,” the children remarked that it was great to be given enough that they could share with others!

What a wonderful reminder that even in the midst of very difficult circumstances, we can learn to be grateful and give to others something that might be an encouragement to them? Our children are an encouragement to me daily, and I hope that we can carry ourselves with the same attitude of selflessness and love that they are learning to express during their time at Intermountain. I hope you are encouraged to read a few samples of the letters our children wrote for their Operation Christmas Child boxes:

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