Dec 02

New Horizons Band returns to chapel for a special holiday concert!

21 members of the New Horizons Concert Band play in chapel service Dec. 1st, 2015

21 members of the New Horizons Concert Band play in chapel service Dec. 1st, 2015

Nancy Trudell, Intermountain Board member, recently coordinated with Chaplain Chris to bring the New Horizons Community Band to chapel for a special holiday concert. The band is made up of 52 community members, from a variety of backgrounds, ages and experience who enjoy playing together. While not all the band members were available on December 1st, the turnout was VERY impressive… a clear indication, according to Nancy, that “the band members enjoy ourselves as much or more than the children!”

The band played a number of holiday favorites as well as popular songs the children knew, including “Jingle Bells,” which had the children singing along. After the concert, band members shared their instruments with the children for a musical version of a “petting zoo.” Band members took time with every child and showed them how their instruments worked!

Many of the children’s eyes lit up when they learned that they would get a chance to play trumpets, tubas, trombones, and other instruments. It was clear that more than a few of our children have a musical gift! After creating some notes with a flute, a boy shared, “I didn’t know I could do that until now!”

Another young lady had a fun time playing a tuba for the first time. Her face was beaming after playing the instrument that was bigger than her. Thankfully, she had help holding the instrument and playing a few notes. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity for our children on campus and we are very thankful to the New Horizons Band for helping make it happen once again this year.

– Carrie Reynolds, Intermountain IPC Manager; Chris Haughee, chaplain