May 20

New Horizons back again for Spring Concert in chapel

Nancy-conductingNancy Trudell, Intermountain Board member, coordinated with Chaplain Chris to once again bring the New Horizons Community Band to a Tuesday chapel time in May.  The band has visited campus a number of times before, each time bringing energy and enthusiasm to their music and their interaction with kids and staff.

The band is made up of 52 community members, from a variety of backgrounds, ages and experience who enjoy playing together.  This most recent visit to campus was especially fun, because the program consisted of music from Star Wars, which is VERY popular with our children in residence. They also played a medley of Disney songs featuring tunes from a Jungle Book to The Little Mermaid. The closing piece was the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean, and Nancy herself conducted while wearing a pirate’s hat and wig!

Chaplain Chris billed the Spring Concert as a special visit from New Horizons, complete with “instrument petting zoo!” It was fun to hear from the children what they expected the “petting zoo” to be. Though no animals were involved, all of the children’s eyes lit up when they learned that they would get a chance to play trumpets, child-plays-saxpercussion, trombones, and other instruments. It was entertaining to watch one of our littlest girls on campus play a Baritone Saxophone that was as tall as she was… and she was delighted when the band members moved the keys and she played a few notes!

The children enjoy the relationships they have built with the band members by this point, some of them having seen the band a few times during their treatment now. And, of course the band members love the interaction with the children. You can see from the smile in the picture to the right just how much fun we have amidst all the noise!

Chaplain Chris was asked by one of the kids during the introduction time: “What does music have to do with chapel and God?” Chaplain Chris’ response, “Well, who do you suppose invented music and puts the songs in the hearts and minds of the composers? I think God smiles when he sees you try something new, play and instrument you have never seen before, and feel good about it… don’t you?” And, to that, all in attendance agreed and said a hearty amen!