Jun 10

How we see ourselves–a lesson from Providence home

The ministry at Providence Home is powerful, organic, and fluid. The team in our Flathead location has the challenge of meeting the children’s spiritual and cultural needs without the breadth of support that the Helena campus has. Regardless, there is something to be said for the creative energy that comes from Providence Home’s spontaneously meeting the needs of the children in the moment, rather than having a chaplain and a weekly program to rely upon!

Recently, Charli Wells, one of the counselors at Providence Home, shared this beautiful reflection upon a practice she has taken up with the children on Saturday mornings. She writes:

“A couple weeks ago at work, I started a new Saturday morning check-in with the kiddos. Now, I can’t get it out of my head, they love it, and we do it every Saturday morning as something to strive for.

questioning child-creative commons

(c) creative commons

The check-in question was as simple as this…’when people think of you or talk about you… what is one word that you would want them to think or say?’

This has been heavy on my heart and mind as I hear the words they say such as kind, pleasant, strong, caring and loyal.

Its pretty clear what I was trying to get them to start thinking about as they interact with another but really, it got me thinking.

What is a word I want people to think of when I am brought up in thoughts and conversation?

What are some words you would want people to say about you?” -Charli Wells.

Great question! I know that when I think of the many faith-based supporters of Intermountain the words that come to mind for me are: faithful, supportive, and encouraging. There are many more descriptors I could use, but I think you know how truly grateful we are for the love, support, and prayers you send our way. Your support helps us continue the mission and ministry of Intermountain, both in Helena and the Flathead!

I am thankful for the hard work of the Providence Home staff as they meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the children in their care. They have a deep faith in the healing power of the work they are doing each day with some very challenging kids. I know you are likely already praying for the children… would you please remember the Providence Home staff in your prayers as they work to bring healing and hope to the children they serve?