Nov 21

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you!

We have spent a lot of time this month focusing on thankfulness, gratitude, and recognizing how richly we have been blessed. It started with Operation Christmas Child, and a special chapel service in which each cottage sent a child up (one at a time) to select items for a gift they prepared together for a child in Mexico. In addition to writing notes of

A sample of our children's notes in our Operation Christmas Child gifts

A sample of our children’s notes in our Operation Christmas Child gifts

encouragement, each child had to come back to their cottage with an item and explain why they had selected it to go in the gift. This interpretive step emphasized the role of empathy and “putting others above ourselves” (Philippians 2:3) when giving a gift. The children really seemed to respond to this lesson and had some wonderful insights when we discussed what made a good gift around the holidays!

The following week in chapel we spent time thinking about all the people that come around us and support us when times are hard. We discussed thankfulness and gratitude as key components in building the “team” that God has placed in our lives. Children drew pictures and wrote notes of thanks to donors to Intermountain and also wrote on a

Each leaf on the tree has something our children are thankful for.

Each leaf on the tree has something our children are thankful for.

fall leaf something they were thankful for. The leaves each attached to a tree on the wall with a small Velcro dot, and when each child had giving thanks, we had a beautiful fall tree to decorate our space for our upcoming holidays!

At Intermountain, we are tremendously thankful for the support we receive from our donors and supporting churches. We simply could not carry on the work on behalf of children and their families without the love, prayers, and financial support of so many throughout Montana and the country! So, as we gather to give thanks, each of you are on our hearts and minds, and we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a blessed holiday season.


Chaplain Chris Haughee and the children of Intermountain

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