Jan 15

Even more FREE children’s sermons!

Free SermonsIt may seem a little early to be thinking about Easter, but from my time serving in the church, I know how quickly Lent and Easter can come upon us! I also remember what a busy time it was with all the extra planning and preparation. Well, my hope is that this gift to you might make your burden a little lighter!

You see, I am committed to making sure that your relationship with the Chaplain’s Program at Intermountain is reciprocal in nature. We value your love, prayers, and support… but we also want to be a help to you and a resource for you in ministry. To this end, I have spent the last two months planning and preparing a curriculum that you can use in your church that ties into what we’ll be doing here with the children in chapel services, and has a connection to our efforts to build a permanent chapel space on campus in 2015!

Even if your church doesn’t formally celebrate Lent, you will hopefully find these children’s sermons helpful. There is one for each Sunday in Lent (which begins February 18th with “Ash Wednesday”) following the gospel lessons from this year’s liturgical calendar. Other resources that tie into Lent and Easter from previous years are also posted on our site here under “resources.” Feel free to look around and use anything that might be helpful in your preparations for the Easter season.

This coming year will be an exciting one for the Chaplain’s Program, as we hope to fulfill the dreams of the past decade and create a permanent space for spiritual and cultural education at our Helena residential campus. You won’t want to miss out on a thing—whether its news of our chapel project or more free resources! If you haven’t already, please contact Carrie Reynolds at carrier@intermountain.org to sign up for our church email list to get these bi-monthly updates.

So, enjoy these children’s sermons and watch for even more “free goodies!” I hope they are a blessing to you, and I’d love your feedback on anything I can do to improve not only these resources, but also my efforts to bless you and your ministry in the year ahead.


Chaplain Chris Haughee