Mar 28

Easter Celebration at Intermountain!

We here at Intermountain hope you had an amazing Easter celebration! This year brought something different to our Easter observance and built upon our ecumenical Lenten observances. As you may have seen in an earlier post, our children had the opportunity to learn about a variety of religious observances around the Easter holiday, and this concluded

The lovely sanctuary of Plymouth Congregational Church

The lovely sanctuary of Plymouth Congregational Church

with attending the Easter morning service at Plymouth Congregational Church.

Our Easter Celebration started early in the morning with the children being surprised by a special basket left for each child by their bedroom door! Easter baskets for all our children at our Helena campus were prepared by Grace Community Fellowship. After breakfast, kids and staff alike attended the 10 am service at Plymouth Congregational Church. Pastor Roger Lynn and the congregation went out of their way to make sure everyone felt comfortable and included in the celebration. Chaplain

Rev. Roger Lynn

Rev. Roger Lynn

Chris Haughee took the entire direct care staff and children over for a “field trip” to visit the church two weeks before Easter to help calm any anxiety being in a new space might bring.

After the service, the children and staff made their way back to campus for a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt. This year, like many before, our Easter was made special because of the support of local churches and faith-based supporters. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church stuffed hundreds of Easter eggs for our on-campus egg hunt. Many others stopped by Easter week with little gifts of well wishes, or held events in their churches as fundraisers for the ministry here.

The kids really seemed to respond well to the various ways we celebrated both Lent and Easter-Plymouth-UCCEaster, entering into each of our chapel services with a spirit of enthusiasm and joy, eager to learn more from our special guests and one another. Easter is another of those reminders to our staff, children, and families that we are in this journey of transformation and growth through relationship alongside a great multitude of faithful supporters. Thank you, our many faith-based donors and friends, for praying for the staff and children. We appreciate your continued faithfulness to partner with us in the mission of bringing health and healing to children and their families.