Nov 14

Considering Chrismons – a free devotional for you this season

Yes… I know it is still a little early to be thinking of Christmas… BUT, I want to make sure to get these materials into your hands well in advance so you can be prepared for the Christmas season, traditionally known as Advent.

A Chrismon is a type of symbol. Chrismons, or “Christ Monograms” are all hung on a tree, the Chrismon Tree. The tree itself is also a symbol for the Christmas season, a reminder of the truths we celebrate as we recall Jesus’ birth. Many churches use the Chrismon Tree as a way of reminding their congregations about the truths celebrated this coming holiday season.

We are used to seeing symbols each day and recognizing their power for interpreting a great deal with relative simplicity. For instance, the children at Intermountain are most familiar with road signs and how the “message” they convey is very important! Once you understand the presence and power of symbols, you can use them to deepen your appreciation of the season.

If you would like a free devotional based on the most popular Chrismon ornaments, please click here.

As we explore the Chrismons together this coming Christmas season, my prayer is that you delve deep into the love God has for you in Jesus Christ. May these devotions warm your heart and feed your soul! Know, too, that in working through these symbols you are connected with other supporters of Intermountain and the children of the Residential program in Helena, Montana. We will all be covering “the same ground” as we walk together towards Christmas morning, in the eternal ways of God, our heavenly Father.


Chaplain Chris Haughee