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Jul 29

Was Jesus’ ministry “trauma-informed?” [part 3] Recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma, cont.

Perhaps you have heard about it by now? There’s a movement spreading across the country when it comes to ministry settings: becoming trauma-informed. The topic concerns churches that are interested in missional engagement with the culture because there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that if we can break the cycle of adversity …

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Mar 20

“Need a drink?” a Change for Children object lesson based on John 4:5-42

Objects needed: A box of saltine crackers, a bottle of water (or several bottles… as you might want to give each child a bottle) Key Text: John 4:5-42 Theme/Main Idea: Jesus meets the needs of our thirsty souls. Presentation: “Good morning! How are you this morning? Are you filling up your change cans at home …

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