May 21

Renewed faith and greater connection: a testimony to God’s grace in Michael’s life

We recently received this wonderful testimony from Andrea, Michael’s mother, after a home visit her son took as he nears the end of his time in residential treatment:

“Prior to his stay at Intermountain Residential, our son Michael was struggling so greatly that he had stopped attending religious education sessions and was not able to even attend church services. He was in such pain that he felt hopeless, rejected by God, and was losing his faith.  He has now been at Intermountain for just over a year, and in this time has participated in the Chaplain’s Program and in a Catholic mentoring program.

Michael is now on a better path, thanks to Intermountain

Though he entered these with trepidation, the support from these programs has helped him to grow into a renewed faith and a much closer relationship with God. He has better understanding of his religion and has learned how to find comfort in his spirituality.
Our family recently attended a special Mass where his sister received two sacraments. Michael not only participated in the service, but he was able to sit quietly in prayer and then rejoice for his sister. It was very moving for us to see that he is now able to find peace within his church community and is open to experiencing his faith.”

–Andrea, Michael’s mother