Jul 17

Our Savior Lutheran in Columbia Falls holds plant and pie sale to benefit Intermountain

We are so grateful for our ever-expanding network of supporting churches, and are especially thankful for the recent efforts by Our Savior Lutheran Church in Columbia Falls. They held a pie and plant sale where half of the proceeds went to support the work of Intermountain. The other half of the proceeds went to support the youth servant team atPlant-sale-1 the church that will be taking a trip to Seattle later in the year.

Members of the church were invited to help the effort by bringing plants from their yards and garden, as well as baking yummy pies for sale! Thrivent Financial also got into the act thanks to members of the congregation, and there were raffled items as well. Open to the public, the traffic was good and the sales were fruitful! The final profits from the sale totaled more than $1900! Wow… that’s a lot of daisies, geraniums and berry pie!

Elizabeth Nauertz and Tonya Erickson organized the sale and made sure everything went off without a hitch. We appreciate their leadership in the Pie and Plant Sale, as well as all the members of Our Savior’s Lutheran. We are thankful for all those who purchased plants and pies to support Intermountain and the Youth servant team’s trip to Seattle. Members Doug Knapton, Judy Windauer and Sherry Grogan helped with the plant stands and the raffles. Finally, we are thankful for all the others who helped make the event happen: Krista Conger, Wendy Davis, Laura Mills-Nelson, Dawn Baumgartner, Joyce Baltz, Dave Soleim and Janet Reindl.

Their efforts will make it possible for Intermountain to continue bringing hope and help for children and their families in the Flathead area and throughout Montana.

The people of Our Savior's Lutheran made and sold a LOT of pie!

The people of Our Savior Lutheran made and sold a LOT of pie!