Mar 26

Intermountain Moment: Stacey’s Safe Space

Recently, one of our cottage therapists gave an assignment to Stacey, a young girl in her care. She asked Stacey to draw a picture of her “safe space.” This had the potential to be a very difficult assignment, as Stacey had endured a significant amount of adversity and relational turbulence in her life.

However, after a year of Intermountain’s intensive residential care focusing on building healthier relationships, Stacey’s therapist felt she was ready to engage the assignment with hope rather than fear. Stacey’s “safe space” was defined to her as anywhere she felt protected, calm, and happy.

Stacey is now starting to feel safe

Stacey returned to her next session with her therapist, having drawn a picture of her residential cottage and included a note with her drawing which said, “Home is starting to be a safe space for me.”

Stacey’s challenge, in the time she remains in Intermountain’s care, is to transfer the skills she has learned in her cottage to her home. For now, her “safe space” is in the care of the amazing and dedicated cottage staff at Intermountain, and this care and safety has cultivated hope within her young heart. A hope she can return home and feel safe there, as well.

Stacey’s “homework” from therapy, where she drew Bridger Cottage at Intermountain as her “safe space” and then added, “Home is starting to be safe for me.”

Intermountain’s transformative approach of meeting a child where they are—developmentally and relationally—through sound clinical work and consistent, empathetic responses to difficult behaviors shows children and their families Hope & Healing are possible. Many like Stacey have found their “safe space” because of Intermountain. Thank you for supporting this life-changing mission.

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