Jul 15

From the kids in Terry, MT to our kids at Intermountain!

Recently, the youth of Terry Community Presbyterian Church, under the loving direction of their leaders at Vacation Bible School, held a “Lego drive” as part of their mission to help children like themselves. Children that, just like them, desire to have a safe place and strong relationships where they can experience acceptance, love and… fun! So, what better way to communicate the connection between these youth than to share toys they have a common love for?

When the Legos arrived, the children were very excited and couldn’t wait to begin building. One shy, reserved and normally depressed young man took to guiding two smaller children through the building of a Jeep and two motorcycles from the kit they received. I said a quiet prayer of gratitude and praised the young man who came out of his shell to be a leader for that moment. Jean Piaget spoke the following memorable and true observation: “Play is a child’s work.” Indeed! There was fantastic relational work happening as the children of Intermountain realized that children hundreds of miles away cared enough to send them toys, and then there was all the wonderful work done as they collaborated in building together their new creations!

It is through caring congregations sharing Intermountain’s mission of hope for hurt and hurting children that we can begin to make a real difference. It doesn’t have to be a $10,000. check (though we never mind those!)… it can be through the simple gift of a box of Legos and the confirmation that someone cares. Thank you to Terry Community Presbyterian Church in Terry, MT for making a difference and heeding our Savior’s call to reach out to those hurting and in need of encouragement and love!

Chaplain Chris Haughee