Sep 04

Everywhere… angels!

As we turn the page from summer to fall here on campus, our chapel services will start to focus on stories in the Bible that feature angels—those amazing spiritual messengers of God! While I am sure that the children will miss the excitement of our summer series—mainly because each object lesson was based on a popular candy that they got to eat!—I know it won’t be hard to capture their imaginations with the amazing tales from Scripture that we’ll be investigating together this Fall and Advent season. We’ll start off in the book of Genesis with the angel who guarded the Tree of Life after Adam and Eve’s sin and finish up celebrating Epiphany in January with the angelic visitors that warn Joseph to take Mary and the young child Jesus to Egypt. In between those two stories, here are a few of the highlights of our planned exploration of God’s Word:

  • We’ll see how angels bring a message of hope when our hope is fading as we see the promise old Abram and Sarai received
  • In the midst of our fear, when we’re running from trouble, we’ll see how God sends a message that he is still working through our circumstances as we look at the story of Jacob’s dream of the angel staircase
  • We’ll see how important it is to see ourselves the way God sees us as we look at the angelic message Gideon received
  • In the vision of God’s throne room, we’ll enter into the song of praise the angels gave at Isaiah’s calling, singing “Holy! Holy! Holy!”
  • Then, we’ll transition into the “Angels of Christmas” as we talk about the angelic visitors that play such a big role in the telling of the amazing story of Jesus’ birth!

Advent Children’s messages will be made available to our supporting churches so you can join us on the journey through the story of the “Angels of Christmas.” And, as we get ever closer to our dream of building a permanent space of our chapel services in refurbishing one of our old cottages on campus, we’ll bring special attention to the project through an angel-themed Chaplain’s tree at this year’s Festival of Trees!

Yes, there is certainly a lot of excitement this fall on campus, and we are grateful for your continued partnership in ministry with us. May God bless us all with the wisdom to see how we, too, are God’s messengers—his angels!—to those we meet each day. We have a chance to bring a message of love, grace, and hope through both our words and our actions. I will make it my goal to carry that message to the children of Intermountain this fall and Advent, and I hope you will join me.


Chaplain Chris Haughee